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Imari Double Eggcup Freisian Booths England 1880s Polychrome Transferware

Colclough, Booths England

  • $ 2800

This is an antique double eggcup in the imari style made by T. J. Booth , England 1883-1891 who became Booths in 1891.

The egg cup measures 4.5 inches high by 3 in diameter and has hand painted decoration in the imari colors of cobalt blue, rust and gold and the pattern is Fresian.

The eggcup is in very good used vintage condition with no major flaws except gold trim wear, but there are some minor imperfections which are expected from items of this age. There are firing flaws and a few mineral kiln dust inclusions.

The antique Imari double eggcup is so very beautiful and collectible.

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